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Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, I send all my paintings and prints around the world. And all items are shipped free of charge.

Can I order a different size for the print?
Yes, you can write to me and specify the desired print size, I will try to print it for you.

Is it possible to add some additional wishes to the order?
For example, make a congratulatory inscription. Yes, you can add a wish to the order, I print prints and pack them for you personally, so it's not difficult for me to add an inscription or sign a postcard with some special words.

Can I buy a digital file of your work?
If you have such a need, then write to me, we will discuss the possibility and conditions.

Do you sign a certificate of authenticity for your work?
Yes, original watercolor paintings and oil paintings come with a certificate of authenticity. Prints are delivered without certificates.

Do you sign prints on the back with your own hand?
Yes, I indicate on the reverse side of the print the name of the painting from which it was printed, the date and put my signature. This increases the value of the print for collectors.

If you still have questions, write to me:
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